The Simple Salesman

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The Simple Salesman

One day, after concluding that the church was into financial constrains, minister of the church decided to do something.  He was undecided on how to raise funds for the church. Coincidentally, the minister found many cartons of new bibles when he was checking the storeroom.

On his Sunday sermon, the minister revealed about the Church’s financial problems and his plan to raise funds.

“Who want to volunteer for door-to-door marketing and sell the Bibles for $10 each?” he asked

The three men raised their hands: Peter, Paul and Louie.

Peter and Paul worked as salesmen, so the reverend was certain that they were capable of selling Bibles. However, Louie was a small farmer with speech impediment, he stuttered very badly. The minister had doubts about Louie because he kept to himself due to his speech impediment.

The minister did not want to discourage Louis, therefore, he decided to give him a fair chance of selling Bibles along with Peter and Paul. The three men went away in cars with stacked Bibles. They were supposed to report about their door to door selling next Sunday.

On Sunday, Peter handed an envelope to the reverend. “Father,” he said, “I used my sales prowess and sold 20 bibles. This is $200 that I earned for the church.”

Paul moved forward.”Reverend,” he said, “I am a professional salesman. Last week I was able to sell 28 bibles. Here’s $280 I made by selling Bibles.” He handed thee envelop.

Louie handed a large envelope. He did not say anything. The reverend took the envelop and counted the banknotes.
“What’s this!” he exclaimed. “There’s $3200 here! Louie, do you mean to say that you were able to sell 320 bibles, just in one week by going door to door?”

Louie nodded.
“That’s not possible!” Peter and Paul said together. “We are professionals, yet you say you sold 10 times more.”

The reverend turned towards Louie. “Perhaps, you could tell us how you managed to sell so many copies just in one week.”
“I-I-I-I,” Louie stammered, “I re-re-really do-do-don’t kn-kn-know.”
Peter was impatient. “For God’s sake Louie , what did you tell people when you walked into their doors?”
“I-I-I s-s-said,” Louis replied, “D-d-do-do y-y-y-you w-w-w want m-m-me t-t-to r-r-r-read th-th the Bible he-he hear o-o or y-y- you wa-wa want t-t to b-b-b-buy it fo-fo for t-t-ten b-b-b-bucks?”

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