The Approach

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The Approach


A young salesman poked into a cabin of a person who appeared like a sales manager. He muttered something and then walked away. He had taken few steps already, but he seemed to change his mind. He muttered something and walked back to the same cabin.

The sales manager who was watching the young man from the glass cabin, felt sorry for him and decided to call him. He concluded that the young man was trained badly.
“You seem to be a salesman,” the sales manager asked. “What are you selling?”
“Umm…Yes sir, I’m a salesman,” the young man said. “Sorry to bother you, sir. I am selling insurance policies, but I don’t think you want to buy any policies?
The sales manager felt sorry for the young salesman. He bought two policies to boost his morale and give some confidence.

Then after, the manager began to give lessons on selling. “First of all, in order to sell something you must have a pre-planned approach?
“I always have a pre-planned approach,” the young salesman smiled. “I just used one of my planned approaches for Sales Managers.”

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