Smart Fish

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Smart Fish

Morris Green, who is known for his wit and intelligence, is a proprietor of Morris’ Gourmet Grocery. One day a customer asks Morris, “So, Mr. Green, what makes you smart?”

Morris smiles. “I don’t want to share my secret with anyone,” he says. He lowers his voice so that other customers wouldn’t hear him.

“But,” he adds, “You’ve been a loyal customer always, therefore, I will revel you a secret.”Morris lowers his hear and looks into the eyes of the customer.

“Fish heads. If you eat fish hears, you will become witty and intelligent.”
The customer screws his forehead. “Do you sell fish heads here,” the customer asks.
“Yes,” Morris smiles, “Only $4 per piece.”
The customer heads to the stack and picks three fish heads. He returns after a week. He says he did not like the taste of fish head and he also did not become smart.
“Perhaps, you didn’t eat too many, “Morris says. The customer buys 20 fish heads. When the customer is back at the grocery after two weeks later, he was very furious.
“Hey, you sold me fish heads for $4 per piece,” he says angrily. “I discovered that I can actually buy the whole fish for $2. You’re robbing me.”
Morris chuckles. “See, you’re smarter already.”

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