Feng Shui outlook 2017: What to do and avoid in the fire rooster year

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Feng Shui outlook 2017: What to do and avoid in the fire rooster year


We are at the threshold of the Chinese New Year. On January 28th, we will formally enter into the Fire Rooster year. This article will tell you what to expect for the year of the Fire Rooster.

Overall effects of the year

Sadly, Feng Shui masters believe that this year will be very tough. Since this is the year of the Fire Rooster, first half of the year is linked with fire and the second half is linked with metal that is according to the Hsia calendar. This is interpreted as fire positioned on the top of metal, which will create a feeble metal year. The result of this positioning is the financial meltdown, occurrences of earthquakes, and fire explosions the world over.

Financial effects of the year

Feng Shui Master Lynn Yap believes that this year property prices will continue to decline. If you are thinking to buy property, the year is favorable for you. However, you will have to avoid buying property if your Zodiac sign is a Goat, Snake, Rabbit, or an Ox. We will discuss about this later.

Investing in the water industry, or the companies that deal with water utility or marine products – shipping, distribution, transport, and logistics included –is expected to give good yields.

Feng Shui outlook for 2017 states water industry will be a favorable market for investment. However, we also know that the water industry is already performing better. Therefore, you may consider investing in United Envirotech, Sembcorp Industries, SIIC Environment Holdings, China Everbright Water, and Keppel Infrastructure Trust, the top five water utility companies on the Singapore Exchange

Investing according to your zodiac sign: The Feng Shui Outlook 2017

Monkey: If your zodiac sign is monkey according to Chinese astrology, this year is not very favorable for you. If you have a business, don’t expand it; in case you are an employee, you might encounter difficulties. This year, people with monkey sign have to be careful.

Rooster: The year will be a trying year for business owners with rooster zodiac sign. Even the employees will not have any luck. Business owners as well as employees will have to keep low. This year, it is not recommended to make any new investments.

Dog: This year is very good for the people with dog sign. The year will give many business owners and employees a lot of opportunities. You are also likely to be awarded many lotteries this year.

Pig: If your sign is pig and you are a business owner, you are likely to encounter tough competition. Employees with pig sign have to work hard. If you are a pig, you will have to find a mentor and get guidance in your career. Investing in property is good, but do explore further.

Rat: Business owners with rat sign can expand their businesses. Employees with rat sign will not encounter any key issues at work. However, for those looking forward to invest should be careful with their finances.

Ox: This year will provide chances to the employees to move to a better job. Those considering investing should rethink about their investment plans.

Tiger: The tigers will have favorable time if they want to start a new business or work with new partners. If you are an employee, you can expect many lucrative opportunities in your workplace. This year, money will flow easily. Consider donating some portion of your income to a charity, it will benefit your health as well as family’s health.

Rabbit: Do not expand your business this year, as the year is not favorable for you. If you are an employee, you will are likely to face conflicts with your colleagues. In this year, investment should be avoided.

Dragon: For the dragons, the year will provide favorable time for business owners to expand their businesses. Employees are likely to have job switching opportunities. You may also have ‘lottery luck’ this year and win easy money from gambling.

Snake: For the business owners with snake zodiac signs, sales will remain low. Furthermore, employees are going to face tough time in their workplace. This year, you will have to avoid investment.

Horse: The year is good for the horses, as there will be numerous opportunities for the business owners. Likewise, employees will also have a favorable time this year as they might get promotions and salary hike. Investment in property is highly recommended, however, you should not invest in shares.

Goat: The year is not very good for the goats. Sales could be pretty low this year. If you are an employee, you need a positive mindset get through the year. The year is not favorable for investments.

An overview of Feng Shui outlook 2017

In this Chinese year, the wealth star is positioned in the East. Therefore, you can activate your wealth by keeping a pot of gold (a bowl filled with coins) in the eastern corner of your house. The Five Yellow star and the Sickness star are the two bad energies that you will have to avoid.

The Five Yellow star that congregates in the South represents obstacles and misfortunes. Master Raymond Lo says you will have to hang a metal wind chime in the south in order to dissolve this bad energy. You should not renovating southern area of your home and activate this energy in any circumstances.

Likewise, the Sickness star will have power on the Northwest section. You will have to hang six metal coins, in a string, in the Northwest section of your house. This will tackle the bad energy related to the Sickness star.

As the New Year is already around the corner, you should be already preparing. In case you haven’t started yet, the aforementioned suggestions might help you plan the year. Have a great Chinese New Year.




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