Did Lindsay Lohan Finally Convert To Islam?

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Did Lindsay Lohan Finally Convert To Islam?

When Lindsay Lohan deleted her entire photos and wrote “Alaikum salam,” on her bio on Instagram, her fans suspected that she was converting to Islam. According to the US Weekly, the Arabic phrase “Alaikum salam,” is roughly translated as “be peace with you.”

Islam, the world’s second largest-religion, first is Christianity of course, is going through a revolutionary rebranding, courtesy of Lindsay Lohan, or LiLo as she is popularly called.  The star of the movies such as Mean Girls, Herbie and The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan is already the celebrity topic of media gossips about cautionary tales, over tanning, and creating humanitarian crisis about yourself, is supposedly adding Islam to her roller costar life.

During the weekend, LiLo changed her Instagram bio to “Alaikum salam,” a greeting message in Arabic used by Muslims around the world.  The phrase can be transliterated as “and unto you peace.” Saying “Alaikum salam” when meeting other people is a proper etiquette in Islam. When LiLo used the phrase on her bio, many people are assuming that she has embraced the faith. The assumptions also have some valid points because Lohan also removed her bikini photos. Probably, she though bikini selfies were not “halal.”

Despite her inclination towards Islam, Lindsay Lohan does not look like a good brand ambassador for the religion of Muhammad. In fact she lacks religious background and sheer enthusiasm.

People have suspected Lohan’s inclination towards Islam since 2015, when the actress was spotted with the Quran. She said the Islamic holy book was an “enlightening gift” from a good friend. “One of my very close friends, who has been with me through thick and thin, in London are Saudi Arab gave me the Quran,” she explained. “I brought the holy book with me because I am learning.” According to Lohan, the Quran has helped her experience spiritually and find true meaning. “This is who I am,” Lohan asserted. She castigated at the ways people reacted to her reading habit, and said “I was interpreted as an evil person for holding Quran. After that reaction, I was happy to leave New York  and go back to London. I was feeling unsafe in my own country.”

Lohan, like many western celebrities, has posed for pictures with a headscarf when she visited Muslim countries. However, unlike Rihanna, Kardashian or Khloe, Lohan has immersed herself in a new faith and culture, possibly as a political indoctrination. Since Oct. 15, the fans were suspecting that LiLo has been compromised. The suspicion began when the Parent Trap star used a new accent “Lilohan,” during the opening of her pro-refugee nightclub in Athens. Lohan interpreted the vocal affect as “a mixture of various languages that she is learning or understands.” This assertion raised a red flag and prompted thorough investigation into Lohan’s recent activities.

It was obvious that “Lilohan” was just a tip of the iceberg. It appears that Lohan was cracking open the ol’ Rosetta Stones, when she was not busy opening the nightclubs. “Since my childhood, I am learning various languages. I’m fluent in English and French,” she told The Daily Mail. “I can understand Russian, and I am learning Italian, Turkish, and Arabic.”

Possibly, 2016 was a difficult year. Among us who did not lie about being a multilingual and used a strange diction in nightclub? However, what Lohan said in her shocking interview raised eyebrows. Lohan, 30 years, spoke lengthily about the work she has been doing for Syrian refugees. She even indicated that the Lohan club could spread into a chain of spas and refugee camps.

Posing as a forerunner of the world’s most “confusing franchise,” Lohan burrowed a phrase coined by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The world is bigger than five. When Erdogan coined this slogan, he was referring to the five member countries in the UN Security Council – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Turkish president said the UN must expand its permanent membership to include Turkey.


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