Devastation In The Near Future?

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Devastation In The Near Future?

February Asteroid Collision Could KILL MILLIONS!

Imagine, you are going through your normal life, doing your daily chores, and all of a sudden you spot a big fireball heading towards the earth from the sky. What’s that? How did it happen? How come you were not told about this by the media? What to do now? Can’t it be stopped? The scene looks like something that you would get to see only in movies, right? Well, what if this is exactly going to happen in couple of weeks from now. Here are the details of what’s going to happen in February.

What’s exactly happening?

The asteroid named 2016 WF9 is on its way towards the Earth. In February, this asteroid will enter earth’s atmosphere and hit the planet. The collision will result in the death of millions of people. This is according to a conspiracy theory, which also states that NASA is covering up the entire facts.

Who is the theorist?

Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich is the man
behind this theory. He says this collision will come to pass. According to Zakharovich, if the asteroid hits land, entire city will be devastated, dust clouds will be formed which could kill more people. In case, asteroid hits sea, Tsunami will occur, massive waves will occur, something like you see in the movies.

What does NASA say about the asteroid?

The asteroid 2016 WF9 is real says the NASA, and on February 25, it will come close to the earth. However, NASA says the asteroid will not be so close to have any impact on the earth. The NASA has not revealed the size of the asteroid, which has created some apprehension. According to some independent studies, the asteroid could have 0.3-0.6 miles diameter.

Where did it originate? Planet X?

WF9 is coming from another solar system says NASA.  Dr. Zakharovich has more to say about the origin of WF9, his opinion is somewhat controversial. According to Dr. Zakharovich, the asteroid is a piece of Nibiru, referred as Planet X, which is a mythical hidden planet. “NASA is hiding the truth.  We cannot believe that NASA does not know the fact. We have observed the actual data,” he says.

Destruction is imminent

“In October, last year, the asteroid they named WF9 left the Nibiru system after the planet began to revolve around the sun in counter clock direction,” says the conspiracy theorist Dr. Zakharovich. “When this occurred, NASA knew that the body separated from Nibiru will collide with the Earth, however, they are telling about the asteroid only now. This is just a small example of the damage when the entire Nibiru will hit earth. I don’t know the impact zone, perhaps NASA knows where the asteroid hits. All of us are in danger.”

Interstellar death theory

Since a long time, conspiracy theorists have prophesized that Nibiru, a hidden planet farther than Pluto, will collide with the Earth sometime in the future, thus destroying the planet. In an article on “Beyond2012” page on its website, NASA claims that it has deflated the ‘Nibiru myth.’ The article states: Stories about Nibiru and other celestial objects are just an Internet hoax, and there is no truth on these claims. NASA says astronomers would have been following it if Nibiru or Planet X were real and were actually headed for the collusion with the Earth. If this was true, by this time the object would have been visible to our naked eyes.

Who to believe?

There is NASA, the pioneer space research organization, on one hand. On the other hand there is Dr. Zakharovich, an unfamiliar scientist telling a controversy about the death of humanity.

A rationalist will surely believe NASA, however, we have also watched the blockbuster disaster movies, released every now and then.  In the movie, no one is trusting the crazy scientist who prophesized about the doom, and when it occurs, it is too late.

Interestingly, this is not the first we have heard about the “end of the earth” or “damage to the earth. ” Even when the Nibiru controversy will be debunked after February, conspiracy theories will continue to be floated.

Is death imminent?

In July 2016, a theory about the end of humanity was floated. According to the theory, on 29th July, 2016, Earth’s magnetic poles would be reversed. The reversal of the poles will destroy cities and wipe out the entire human race.

July 29th passed, nothing happened

The “day” came and went away without a notice. The conspiracy theorists were wrong. If they had been right, we would not have been reading this. According to the conspiracy theory, the earth’s magnetic poles will flip, Jesus will come back and he will kill everyone except the Christians who follow their brand of Christianity. They are crazy. Right.

No one can tell about the future

To conclude, we should actually believe NASA, however, there is nothing wrong in listening to Dr. Zakharovich’s claims. Whatever views you burrow, the truth is we are living a burrowed life? One day we will surely die whether the asteroid will hit or not. Therefore, when you are here, make most of your time and live life in the full circle.


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