Burst saltwater pipe creates 5-storey high ‘fountain’ in Ma On Shan

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Burst saltwater pipe creates 5-storey high ‘fountain’ in Ma On Shan


ma on shan burst pipe

The residents in Ma On Shan neighborhood were unable to flush their toilets for many hours when a saltwater main burst in the morning. The saltwater burst created a massive fountain.

Photos and videos were posted on the private Facebook group for Ma On Shan residents that showed about five-storey high man-made fountain. Some of the commentators on the facebook post said they were amazed at the rare “scene”. Interestingly, some commentators suggested that an actual fountain should be built at the exact spot.

According to users of the facebook group, supply of toilet-flushing water was affected in the entire district. The normal supply resumed only at around 6 in the evening.

Some commentators wrote, “Water had been shooting out of the pipe, creating a fountain, for about two hours before the water main was eventually switched off.” Those who said they live nearby could smell saltiness in the air.

“We received the reports of a rupture in a saltwater pipe at around 7am,” a spokesperson for the Water Supplies Department said. The diameter of water rapture was a 600mm. According to HK01, the reasons for saltwater but is unknown.


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