Budget 2017: Support for families, job security among Singaporeans’ top concerns

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Budget 2017: Support for families, job security among Singaporeans’ top concerns


SINGAPORE: The Support for families, stability of job, more employment were the major shout outs of the Singaporeans during a government outreach program – REACH  early Budget for 2017.

The major concern were the quality support that the family should be receiving, the public were requesting the government to have a program that promotes parenthood benefits, enhances work –life balance and low –cost  housing, REACH published on Monday, 13th of February.

High cost of living, expensive lifestyle caught the attentions of the community, this was also one of the identified reasons why Singaporeans were in doubt whether to start a family or not or to have a big family, REACH added.

The concept of parenthood incentives vividly means an adequate maternity and paternity leave, an extra gifts to babies and childcare leave, and urging companies for a more flexible work schedule. A concern Singaporean recommended to Central Provident Fund (CPF), which would be a big help to a postpartum women.

An important figure calls for an in depth concern and more financial support for those   below average income families and to the elderly, in terms of  childcare, higher infant  and health care delivery aid, tax and services discounts and Goods and Services Tax (GST) pay-outs. Food allowance or groceries and other basic needs must be provided.

REACH further added, that some individuals persuaded the Government to give attention to the sandwiched middle-class and requested for more aid for the said group.




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