Apple CEO Tim Cook: Never supports the immigration ban

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Never supports the immigration ban

Tim Cook, the legend of Apple expressed his fearless, loud denunciation over President Trump’s latest immigration policy while in trip to Scotland.

He announced, they are against the immigration policy ban and everybody knows about it. Cook said this in his speech at the University of Glasgow, where he was given an honorary diploma.

Cook stressed, that had been there no immigrants then there had been no Apple that are existing today. Apple will not exist and prosper in absence of immigration. He considered this new policy as a sensitive and a big issue. He was calling everyone to stand and be counted and don’t just stay in the corner and do nothing.

During the ceremony, there was a Question and Answer and Cook emphasized that Apple is never a radical company.

He shared, he is not seeing Apple as a radical, extremist or an activist company nor does he see those things to himself. He said, often those words are uttered and heard and people equated that to being a professional activist, and they were not that. They embraces for things that have significance, or things that they are into, or in the moral side based from all the righteous learning, that which where they stand for , they will never be ashamed nor be hesitant to express. They will stood up even to the point where voices trembles.

Cook further shared that 24 hours right after Trump executed the immigration policy, he message all Apple workers addressing the order. After which, Apple included herself and inscribed its name, collaborated with Google-led amicus brief filed in court against the new immigration policy program.

Cook passed a memo addressing all employees, sharing all their doubts, worries and concerns over to the policy of restricting immigration from seven countries of Muslim majority. He emphasized that this will never be the policy the company will be supporting of.




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