6 ways to make moving into a small apartment easier

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6 ways to make moving into a small apartment easier


When you are moving into a new home, it can be very stressful, and even more if your new home is a small apartment. It is true that you cannot enlarge the floor area of your new home, however, you can make most of your space limitation by wise planning.

Here’s how you can lessen the hassle of space limitation by proper planning and good management:

Start with a measuring tape

Do you know how much space does your apartment have? Do you know each corner of your apartment? The first step is knowing the exact measurement of your new home, down to the nearest inch. This involves any furniture, furnishings, appliances and other fixtures you are bringing in.

Once you know the floor plan, you can decide on whether renovations are necessary or not. For example, when you merge rooms in your small apartment, you might be able to free some space, which will yield better results if you are using the smallest room as storeroom. You can also make a difference when you knock down the wall.

Setting the rooms

Now that you know the exact size of your apartment and you have even managed to free space by merging rooms or knocking down the walls, you should plan on setting your rooms and placing your things, furniture etc. When you know where you will keep your sofa, cupboard, TV, music system etc. beforehand, this will not only save your time but also help you use your flat space properly.

Let us exemplify. You want to place your TV and couch. How do you begin? First of all, you should know the size of your TV, couch and the room space where you are placing the TV and couch. You should measure the distance as well as the space these things occupies. When you plan this in advance, you will save time by not going through trial and error while placing your TV and couch.

Sort out your belongings

When you are moving into a small apartment, you cannot take everything with you. Since you have limited space, you need to sort out your belongings and take things that you actually require and abandon things that you don’t use. You must walk over the urge to take everything to your new home. You will have to discard unnecessary things and minimize clutter. If you have less things to take to your new home, you will have less to worry about. Also, moving will be easier if you have few things.

Purchase new things wisely

You buy a new furniture only to find out that it does not fit in your new home. How does it feel if this happens to be your situation? Thus, when you are buying new things for your new home, make sure that it will have proper space in the home. For example, you bought a TV cabinet only to find out that it is hogging a large space. Why not buy a TV that can be mounted on the wall, instead of a TV that requires a large TV cabinet? You should always move in new home with the essentials, once you are fitted properly, you can add more things to your home per your requirement.

Buy assembly-ready furniture

If you have decided that you need new furniture, consider purchasing flat-packed that can be assembled later. You will have to go through a lot of pains when you are moving with a large wardrobe, instead of taking boxes of furniture parts that can be assembled easily later. If you do some research, you can even find furniture stores that will assemble your furniture for free. Thus, you should look for the ways to save time and money while buying new items for your new home.

Maximization of the storage

Your apartment is small does not mean you limited option for storage options. You can go creative in this regard. The point is “think vertically.” If you align things vertically, you will save a lot of space. Furthermore, use the extra space in nooks and crannies. You can use the space under your bed, table, kitchen sink etc.

Size will not matter, if you know how to use each and every corner of your home. With some creative planning, you can easily manage your small home.



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